Why I started .NGO - Abrahim Javed

Published by Abrahim Javed on
My name is Abrahim (or Abe to friends who donate) and I’m the CFO and Co-Founder of .NGO. I’m currently entering my last semester of the MPA program at UT Austin.Over a year ago today, when I was stuck at ho... Read More

Why I Started .NGO - Mubarrat Choudhury

Published by Mubarrat Choudhury on
I fundamentally see nonprofits as two things:An organization dedicated to solving a social issueAn organization dedicated to moving moneyAll nonprofits move money—they fundraise, the spend, they grant, they endow—they constantly move money.</... Read More

How to Create Your Own Nonprofit

Published by .NGO Team on
In the last article, we discussed nonprofits generally and why you may want to form one to further your social impact endeavors. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of forming a nonprofit, discuss differences between nonprofit and 501(c)3 status, and pitch how we’re helping create ... Read More

Why Should You Form a Nonprofit?

Published by .NGO Team on
You have a great idea that you believe will positively impact folks in your community or even nationally. Perhaps it’s to offer free school supplies to qualified recipients. Or maybe you want to start a neighborhood food bank.What’s one of the first steps you should take?... Read More
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