Why I started .NGO - Abrahim Javed

Why I started .NGO - Abrahim Javed

My name is Abrahim (or Abe to friends who donate) and I’m the CFO and Co-Founder of .NGO. I’m currently entering my last semester of the MPA program at UT Austin.

Over a year ago today, when I was stuck at home in Beaumont, Texas taking accounting classes online, Mubarrat reached out to me about helping him with his endeavor to build a social impact incubator. At the time, I was just coming off a two-year stint running a nonprofit in downtown Austin that was very dear to my heart, so I wasn’t as occupied as I had been. Knowing that Mubarrat and I shared similar values about community work, and that I resonated deeply with his vision, I was inspired to contribute whatever time I could. That Sunday, I hopped on Zoom for one of his weekly meetings and never really looked back.

Those early efforts to “make impact easier for everyone” continued to evolve as we moved into 2021. Through our work with several small nonprofit startups, we started to assess the overlooked potential for disruption in the nonprofit industry by way of technologically equipping Fiscal Sponsorships. We started .NGO after realizing that the way to move forward was to build technology that served the internet nonprofits of the future and enabled them to scale. 

Scaling meant more effective fundraising and more funds meant more impact and more impact meant more goodness being propagated into the world as a direct result of our efforts at .NGO. What better metric for success could someone ask to work with on a weekly basis? Combining our technological roadmap with our understanding of Fiscal Sponsorships has changed how we look at the future of impact in America, and I’m excited to keep pushing that vision in 2022. There are few things more fulfilling than helping those in need, so our fintech startup has been a blessing to be a part of due to the many methods through which we can do just that. Whether it’s promoting culturally competent mental health services or inspiring learning amongst 60,000+ students around the country, here’s to making impact easier for everyone.

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At .NGO we’re building the modern infrastructure for internet nonprofits. We’re starting with Fiscal Sponsors where with our technology you can start accepting tax-deductible donations in minutes rather than months. With our product, you’ll be able to:

  • Accept tax-deductible donations

  • Automatically provide tax receipts

  • Store funds in an embedded bank account

  • Use an unlimited number of virtual debit cards to manage spending by your team.

For existing nonprofits, this means you don’t need to file for 501(c)3 status. For existing Fiscal Sponsors, this means that become more efficient in servicing your nonprofits. If you don’t have any entity yet, we can even work with you personally.

Currently, we're in closed beta. If you want to start using our product today, visit https://dot.ngo/beta.

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