Why I Started .NGO - Mubarrat Choudhury

Why I Started .NGO - Mubarrat Choudhury

I fundamentally see nonprofits as two things:

  • An organization dedicated to solving a social issue

  • An organization dedicated to moving money

All nonprofits move money—they fundraise, the spend, they grant, they endow—they constantly move money.

Working in nonprofits for almost a decade I’ve found that often nonprofits spend too much time with finding and allocating money verses actually working on the solving the issues they care about. Fundraising is a necessary part of the nonprofit development process, but I believe that the proper infrastructure doesn’t exist if nonprofits are perpetually fundraising and constantly cash-strapped.

I saw this issue personally throughout the various nonprofits I’ve been a part of. We’d plan out programs that we’d wanted to do for the year, ultimately realizing that our aspirations far exceeded our budget, and then spent the latter half of the year thinking about the different ways we’d have to fundraise to cover our costs.

I’ve been part of boards where we constantly prolonged long-term projects, because we could figure out fundraising. I’ve been part of nonprofits that have had to wait months for a 501c3 and couldn’t fundraise tax-deducible donations. And I’ve been a part of nonprofits that have had to shut down because we ultimately couldn’t pay the bills anymore.

The reason why I started .NGO was because of my goal to completely reduce any and all friction in money movement for nonprofits.

My vision for .NGO is to serve as a Fintech company focused on payments and financial infrastructure, beginning with providing solutions for Fiscal Sponsorships. At the end of the day, Fiscal Sponsorships are vehicles that move money for nonprofits that don’t have a 501(c)(3). It’s a solution that the nonprofit industry had figured out decades before software began eating the world. Our hope at .NGO is to augment the ability for people to start and scale nonprofits through financial technology and software.

At .NGO we’re building the modern infrastructure for internet nonprofits. We’re starting with Fiscal Sponsors where with our technology you can start accepting tax-deductible donations in minutes rather than months. With our product, you’ll be able to:

  • Accept tax-deductible donations

  • Automatically provide tax receipts

  • Store funds in an embedded bank account

  • Use an unlimited number of virtual debit cards to manage spending by your team.

For existing nonprofits, this means you don’t need to file for 501(c)3 status. For existing Fiscal Sponsors, this means that become more efficient in servicing your nonprofits. If you don’t have any entity yet, we can even work with you personally.

Currently, we're in closed beta. If you want to start using our product today, then visit https://dot.ngo/join-beta.

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