Why I started .NGO - Nabil Khan

Why I started .NGO - Nabil Khan

Howdy! My name is Nabil Khan, and I’m a full-stack software engineer and Co-Founder here at .NGO, as well as a back-end software engineer in security at Atlassian. I graduated in Electrical & Computer Engineering at UT Austin in 2019, and have since been working on improving my skills in software as well as mentoring my younger peers that are now starting their careers. Aside from work, I like watching anime, riding my bike or rollerblading outdoors, and challenging myself to become better every day. Speaking of trying to become better every day, that’s exactly why I started .NGO.

I’m not a coding genius. In fact, I actually switched halfway into college from a specialization in hardware to a specialization in software, and got rejection after rejection in my interviews for an internship my junior year. Fast forward to senior year, and I finally landed a job opportunity! I felt my hard work had finally been rewarded, and I learned a lot as a new grad. But something was missing, and that something was that feeling of impact. That feeling of “am I truly doing good in the world“? I wanted to work in a field where no matter how difficult the problem is, I would be ecstatic to go to work the next day hoping to solve that pain point that helps those in need around the world. And .NGO gave me that chance.

Mubarrat Choudhury, a fellow co-Founder at .NGO, reached out to me about the opportunity in starting the company. This wasn’t the first idea he pitched to me, but this time around I didn’t hesitate one bit to say yes. Why? Because as he told me the vision, I could see the impact we could make. I could see the people wanting to do good that we’d be helping at scale. Most of all, I could see how I’d be motivated to go into work every day wanting to help in the cause. You see, .NGO doesn’t just help your favorite nonprofit or my favorite nonprofit. It helps ALL nonprofits. We’re here to disrupt the non-profit industry by empowering nonprofits to realize their missions. We’re here to remove the stigma that nonprofits are not a worthwhile industry to invest in. We’re here to do good and to be better.

I mentioned I’m not a coding genius, but that doesn’t mean I don’t plan to become one. As someone from a backend engineering background, .NGO forced me to grow outside of my comfort zone. One of my first tasks was to utilize React to create an embeddable donation form for our customers to use. As someone with little to no front-end experience, I felt challenged but also motivated, and I managed to complete the task which initially seemed fleeting. I asked myself how, and I realized it all went back to impact. I didn’t learn to code the donation form because I love to code. I learned to code the donation form because I realized that this was a stepping stone in creating a larger suite of technologies that would make a difference for nonprofits on a global scale. The journey is just beginning, but I know we’ll get there. It’s only a matter of time, and I plan to be here for all of it.

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Want to learn how .NGO can help your nonprofit idea come true? Or maybe you have general questions of tech or anime? Reach out anytime:

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At .NGO we’re building the modern infrastructure for internet nonprofits. We’re starting with Fiscal Sponsors where with our technology you can start accepting tax-deductible donations in minutes rather than months. With our product, you’ll be able to:

  • Accept tax-deductible donations

  • Automatically provide tax receipts

  • Store funds in an embedded bank account

  • Use an unlimited number of virtual debit cards to manage spending by your team.

For existing nonprofits, this means you don’t need to file for 501(c)3 status. For existing Fiscal Sponsors, this means that become more efficient in servicing your nonprofits. If you don’t have any entity yet, we can even work with you personally.

Currently, we're in closed beta. If you want to start using our product today, visit https://dot.ngo/beta.

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